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Ionicons Font v5.5.2

Since the current Ionicons font in the official repository is missing a lot of icons I have compiled the SVG icons available in their page into a new font that can be easily used in any web application.

GitHub logo saulodias / ionicons-font

IonIcons font v5.5.2


This font has been generated from the SVG files available in the Designer Pack on the Ionicons page. The version used was v5.5.2.


Open demo.html to see a list of all the glyphs in your font along with their codes/ligatures.

To use the generated font in desktop programs, you can install the TTF font. In order to copy the character associated with each icon, refer to the text box at the bottom right corner of each glyph in demo.html. The character inside this text box may be invisible; but it can still be copied. See this guide for more info:

You won't need any of the files located under the demo-files directory when including the generated font in your own projects.

You can import selection.json back to the IcoMoon app using the Import Icons button (or via Main Menu → Manage Projects) to retrieve your icon selection.

In have used IcoMoon to generate the font, but first I had to convert all the SVG icons to path. To see how I have done that checkout the post below:

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