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Hi Everyone,
I cross-compiled my own program on centos. After that packaged the output with rpmbuild. You can see the file tree in the following lines. But when I want to install it to yocto build image on the device, It gives an error like this. But libQt5Positioning.so.5 is on the device. What is the problem?

root@obu:~# dnf install obu-fs-1.el7.cortexa9hf_neon.rpm Error: Problem: conflicting requests - nothing provides libQt5Positioning.so.5 needed by obu-fs-1.el7.cortexa9hf_neon

metin@ubuntu:~$ rpm2cpio ./obu-fs-1.el7.cortexa9hf_neon.rpm | cpio -idmv ./opt/test/aa ./opt/test/aa/bin ./opt/test/aa/bin/XX.OBU ./opt/test/aa/configs ./opt/test/aa/configs/AppSettings_XXOBU.json ./opt/test/aa/configs/LogConfig_XX.OBU.json ./opt/test/aa/plugins ./opt/test/aa/plugins/logTargets ./opt/test/aa/plugins/logTargets/libLogTargetConsole.so ./opt/test/aa/plugins/logTargets/libLogTargetFile.so ./opt/test/aa/plugins/logTargets/libLogTargetSyslog.so ./opt/test/aa/plugins/logTargets/libLogTargetUDP.so 2366 blocks


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Answer from reddit:


You do not have system rpm that provide libQt5Positioning.so.5

You have two options

build rpm without requires libQt5Positioning.so.5 by disable rpm autoreq engine.

build libqt rpms

Another way to force install

rpm -ivh --nodeps obu-fs-1.el7.cortexa9hf_neon.rpm


rpm -ivh --force obu-fs-1.el7.cortexa9hf_neon.rpm