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2022: Best Year of My Life! ✨

Last 365 days of my life was packed with many ups and downs. It was a roller coaster ride but definitely the best year of my life.

Before 2022, these all were my dreams:

- Joining Amplication💜

I joined the most incredible team working on the goal of making developers life easy. I got a chance to work on many amazing things this year.

- Bigger Impact 🌏

I initiated the Issues for First Timers campaign, through which we onboarded hundreds of new developers to the open-source world.

- Travelling Internationally 🛩

Done 3 International Trips and countless domestic trips, all with my hard-earned cash.

- Making my Parents Proud ❤

My parents sacrificed a lot for my brother and me, spending on our tuition fees when we were not financially strong. They never did anything for themselves. I took them on their first international trip this year and helped them pay back the loans :)


- Having connections everywhere 😍

Wherever I have gone this year, whether, in India or outside, someone was always coming to meet me. BEST FEELING!

and many more such amazing things.

One year of consistency and smart work can change your life!

How was your 2022?

I am always open to connect with all of you. You can connect with me on my social media handles:

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