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DevOps Interview Questions for Freshers & Experienced

There are several interview questions on DevOps that are asked in interviews as part of a job. DevOps is about using code, automation and process to develop software. In order to discuss technical problems, candidates need to know how to solve different types of problems related to IT.
1) What is DevOps?
2) What are the advantages of DevOps?
3) What are the anti-patterns of DevOps?
4) What are the advantages of DevOps with respect to Technical and Business perspectives?
5) What are the major CI tools?
6) What is the role of AWS in DevOps?
7) How is Chef used as a CM tool?
8) How is DevOps different from Agile/SDLC?
9) What is the most important thing DevOps helps us achieve?
10) Explain with a use case where DevOps can be used in industry/ real-life
11) What are some of the DevOps best practices?
12) Define a typical DevOps Work Flow?
13) What are the major Benefits of Continuous Integration?
14) Define ALM (Application Life Cycle Management) ?
15) What are the virtualization Tools in DevOps?
16) What are all the major Containerization Tools in DevOps?
17) What are the major Configuration Management Tools in DevOps?
18) What are all the major Provisioning Tools in DevOps?
19) Explain the Difference between Continuous Integration, delivery, and deployment?
20) What role does QA play in DevOps?
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