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C++ Interview Questions for Freshers

Explore here the list of top 20+ C++ interview questions, that will help you to prepare for your interview.

1) Explain what is OOP (Object Oriented Programming)?
2) What is the major difference between #import and #include in C++?
3) What is β€˜this’ pointer in C++?
4) What are the vectors in C++?
5) What are the difference between structure and class in C++.
6) What are the uses of dot in C++?
7) What are the difference between a pointer and a reference with respect to C++.
8) What is the Identity function in C++? How is it useful?
9) What are the difference between C and C++?
10) What are the difference between an array and a list?
11) Explain what are accessor methods in C++?
12) Explain what is class definition in C++ ?
13) Explain what are mutator methods in C++?
14) Explain what are single and multiple inheritances in C++?
15) What is polymorphism in C++?
16) Explain what data encapsulation is in C++?
17) What is data abstraction? How is it different from data encapsulation?
18) How is new() different from malloc()?
19) What are inline functions? What is the syntax for defining an inline function?
20) Is it possible to have a recursive inline function in C++?

Conclusion: Want to more questions or answers for these questions, kindly visit the link.
Practice Top 35+ C++ Interview Questions and Answers.

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