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Faster Way to Change Directory on Linux/macOS

satoru profile image satoru ・1 min read

As developers, we spend a lot of time working in the command line, and we change directories frequently. Procedures that we do frequently are worth optimizing, in this post I'll introduce a tool I wrote that might help you save more time changing directories.

Suppose that in your daily development routine, you often need to switch between the following directories:

cd ~/go/src/
cd ~/go/src/
cd ~/projects/redis
cd /tmp
cd /usr/local/Cellar
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Without any tool, the best you could do to save some typing is to use .. or shell history. But we can do better.

I rewrote autojump in Go and created the tool shonenjump. With this tools, once you have entered the previous directories once, they would be saved in a data file, and then we can access them quickly:

j tidb # Jump to ~/go/src/
j go git tidb # Jump to ~/go/src/
j tm # Jump to /tmp
j Cell # Jump to /usr/local/Cellar
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If you are interested to improve your productivity, please give it a try, it can be easily installed and uninstalled with Homebrew on macOS.


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Jon Randy

This seems pretty much identical to "z", which is awesome -

satoru profile image
satoru Author

It's a rewrite of autojump (or "j") which supports fuzzy matching.