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Top 10 Essential REST API Testing Tools for Developers

REST APIs facilitate interactions between software applications by leveraging HTTP protocols. Tools such as Postman and SoapUI are vital in validating that REST APIs operate correctly, supporting functions like crafting requests, examining responses, and testing performance.

API testing ensures that endpoints process inputs accurately, yield expected outputs including status codes and data structures, adhere to documented standards, and can sustain operational load. Automating these tests helps identify issues prematurely and maintains system integrity during updates.

Top 10 Tools for REST API Testing

Choosing the right tool from the plethora of available options can be overwhelming. Below, we discuss some top contenders in the REST API testing space, including established tools like Postman, Swagger, JMeter, Rest-Assured, and the emerging Apidog.

Apidog Overview

Positioned as a versatile testing solution, Apidog supports multiple roles within a tech team including designers and QA engineers. This tool promotes collaborative work, automates certain aspects of testing, and also aids in clear API documentation.

Key Features of Apidog:

  • User-friendly interface simplifying the learning curve
  • Automation capabilities with CI/CD integration
  • Real-time team collaboration
  • Compatibility with common tools such as GitHub
  • Cloud infrastructure for versatile access
  • Advanced reporting for optimized performance

Utilizing Apidog for REST API Integration

To illustrate, let's integrate a REST API using the JSONPlaceholder, a free service providing JSON-formatted testing data.

Apidog JP Main Interface


Well-known for its robust features and intuitive operations, Postman encourages an efficient approach to API creation, testing, and management. It supports automation and can integrate with various other platforms.


Swagger UI

Swagger UI excels in designing and documenting APIs. It provides a straightforward visual interface for sending requests and interpreting the responses.

Swagger UI

Apache JMeter

Used primarily for performance testing, JMeter also supports functional API testing, capable of simulating a variety of service responses.



Owned by Google, Apigee offers extensive API management features facilitating secure and reliable API integration across systems.



Focused on both SOAP and REST APIs, SoapUI is versatile in handling various types of web services from functional to load testing.


Katalon Studio

A comprehensive suite for testing web, mobile, and API applications, Katalon Studio is favored for its rich feature set and ease of integration with CI/CD pipelines.


Rest Assured

For Java developers, REST-assured provides a powerful API testing framework blending with Java's rich ecosystem.


Ideal for quick tests, Insomnia allows easy management of endpoints with support for scripting and environment variables.



Focusing on global API testing, Runscope offers tools for automated testing, real-time monitoring, and integration options with external services.



REST API testing tools like the ones discussed are indispensable for ensuring the performance and reliability of APIs. Tools such as Apidog, Postman, and Swagger UI provide comprehensive functionalities that cater to various testing needs, from simple checks to complex integrations, thus streamlining workflows and enhancing product quality. Whether you are new to API testing or expanding your expertise, these tools offer essential capabilities to support your development process.

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