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Hi there! Need help in running the command "vi Dockerfile" for Jfrog Docker Challenge. I'm facing glitches when i run this cmd in my windows cmd prompt or powershell. Anyone who can help me about this is welcomed.

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Pandademic • Edited on

My guess is you don't have Vi installed.Maybe try setting up neovim for better luck? FYI:
if you do use neovim the command will be nvim Dockerfile .Also, It may not working powershell , I don't know much about powershell.

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Ben Lovy • Edited on

As a general rule, when asking questions you should strive to provide as much detail as possible. Could you share the specific error output?

If I had a guess, it's that your windows command prompt doesn't have vi available, which is a text editor available in standard Linux distributions. I don't know much about Windows, but you may want to try following these steps using WSL. Alternatively, use a different text editor to make the required Dockerfile edits.