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Does a 21 days practice actually change your routine?

Engineer, Presidio.
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I have started a new routine for doing two tasks simultaneously. - Laravel & Nodejs.

I wake up early in the morning by 4:30 and take up Udemy course by Andrew and do it till 7 Am.

As of now I work remotely for a start-up. So I'll work on Laravel from 9am - 4 or 5pm.

I then resume the Node course or planned to do my other college project(Laravel) from 6 pm.

After completing the Node course which I'm half way through it. I'll swap it with a React course from Udemy.

Following this for a couple of weeks by now including Sunday for Learning alone.

Is this is a good practice?

Note : This new practice is not what I actually followed earlier.

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Aaroh Mankad

First off, kudos for getting up at 4:30am! (I could never do that haha.)

I think consistency is the greatest factor when learning a new skill. If you're practicing and furthering your knowledge in Node/React everyday, you will eventually become employable in those skills.

I would recommend also keeping updated on best practices and such, as Web Development especially is a constantly evolving field. (Though I think Node and React are here to stick around for a while.)

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Sathish Author

I'll. Thanks for the reply. 😊

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Andrés Pérez

Congrats for starting such a journey!

Personally I can't stick to routines for long periods of time, I've been coding from 8 am to 12 pm and then 13 pm to 21 pm and I feel like I'm burning out (even if these are personal projects!).

Kudos for being able to work for so long, I wouldn't be able to do that :D

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aurel kurtula • Edited

Few days a go I finished reading "tribe of mentors" (a book where the author asks the same 11 questions to over 100 people - very good book). One of the people interviewed (I'm bad with names) said that he does something for a month now and again. One of his months was to read everyday. a month is 31 days. After the month he said that he now reads more than he did, but not everyday

I started intermittent fasting (in May) I only eat once a day. After all these months, it's still not a habit. The first week was very hard, but mostly from "Am I doing the right thing" kind of thing. But after that week, it never got easy, I just know I do not want to eat and that's it. Like you know at 4:30 I need to start the course. It's not a habit.

I did "morning pages" for 29 days. That is, writing 3 pages of anything every morning (by hand). After 29 I decided to stop. Whilst I planned to stop to take stock of what I gained from them (a lot). The point is it wasn't a habit. your 4:30am wake time is a habit. It can be broken, it it usually takes me a week to do so. I sometimes am a night owl and sometimes a early bird. When I decided to switch, it take about a week (with the help of coffee).

Right now, I'm trying to code whilst standing up, been doing it for less than a week, I can't see it becoming a habit :)

The point is, don't leave it up to your habit, keep doing what you are doing.

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Prashant Singh Chauhan

You can master any skill you want by consistency and discipline. Great start. Be persistent and I am sure you are going to succeed.

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Cosmos Pham

What time do you go to bed?

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Sathish Author • Edited

10 pm. I sleep at least 6 hours.