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Brackets or VS code or Atom?

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Guido Vizoso

Hi! I used the three of them and I'll post my conclusions.

Brackets: The company I worked for made me use it. It's great if you're making newsletters (because of the tables, tr's and td's) because it has a Live Preview function that highlights in the browser the html tag you're selecting in your code. The auto completion is a little weird sometimes and the project sidebar (the one with the folders and files) is not my favorite. I recommend it mostly for newsletters and that stuff that requires a non-standard html structure.

Atom: I switched from Brackets to Atom and it was a huge improvement. The project sidebar was much better, the auto completion worked flawlessly and the plugins were very helpful. There was a thing that made me change, though. The loading time, both in start up and loading new projects. People have told me that the loading times now are better and the Atom team works to improve it.

Vs Code: It's what I'm using now. So far I love it. It has everything I loved about Atom but with a faster experience and better terminal-grammar plug ins. I could be me, but I feel it like a really well thought modular text editor that interacts with other stuff in a huge ecosystem.

I'm in no way a definitive guide, just wanted to post my experience here. Hope it helps!

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Saurabh Sharma

don't forget about the intelli-sense autocomplete and great debugger

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Zeke Hernandez

I have used all three, and share a similar experience. Vs Code has a good set of features and is fast (relatively).

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Nathan Robinson • Edited

Atom when I'm working on a repo and I need multiple tabs and my Atom features.

Vim when I'm already in a terminal and need to do something quickly.
(I love Vim.)

Having this in my "~/.vimrc" makes vim awesome:

set mouse=a
syntax on
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Vinh Le • Edited

I have used firstly Brackets, then Atom and VS Code is my current IDE and I love it. I installed Atom One Dark Pro theme as an extension in my VS Code therefore it has the black theme and visually-appealing color scheme that I miss in Atom. Besides, Git & Terminal integration is super useful when you’re working on repositories. Basicly code => made committed in Git => push to GitHub by built-in terminal without leaving VS Code is super cool for me 😃. Happy coding!

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Nick Taylor

Try them all out and see which one you like. Personally, I love VS Code, but if another dev loves Atom, so be it. Use whatever makes you the most productive. 😉

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Jess Chandler

I've used Brackets and Atom. For projects where I'm using a lot of markdown or am running my own server, Atom works best for me. The git integration is super useful, and the code linting is simple to setup.

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Vscode is fast when compared and has pretty nice extensions

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Mohamed Tounsi

Visual Studio Code (Freeware and complete) is my favorite code editor in the web development world.