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Where do you keep your technical documentation?

I wonder where you all keep your technical (or maybe your project) documentation. Do you write it down in Word, Excel or Or do you use other tools for it?.

Let me know! :)

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Thomas Leathers

Well, Over at the SBTCVM project (a Project that develops a Balanced ternary virtual machine and related tools, utilities, etc.), we have an extensive users manual in both pdf and odt formats that provides the bulk of "polished" technical documentation, while we also have a directory full of .txt developer's notes, that are about as technical as one may expect such notes for a Balanced Ternary Virtual Machine and accompanying utilities and libraries would be...

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Jess Lee

We've been keeping our technical documentation in a github wiki. Here's a bunch of documentation examples that people seem to be a fan of:

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We keep them in a github repo:

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Ben Halpern

This looks great.

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Stefan Eike

It's quite complex, therefore DITA-XML based, kept in Bitbucket and published by Jenkins.