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  • React for Web
  • Node.js for Backend
  • React Native for Mobile

This is the stack I would choose as well.


  • JS front end + back end
  • Commonality between Web + Mobile
  • Established communities in both
  • Larger pools of developers to hire from
  • React scales well. Lots of packages available and lots of good tutorials, documentation and other resources.


You can use the same language that you are comfortable on front end, backend and mobile.
Also build incredible UI's for both, Mobile and Web, with one of the most used UI Libraries on the market : React 💜

  • Great Community
  • Lots of plugins and packages for all sort of stuff
  • Fairly easy to pick up and get started

I haven't used that much but you can use the apollo client for React/React Native and express-graphql for Node

Yep. I would include graphQl and possibly prisma as well. graphQl makes front end development far easier as your app gets more complex


I agree with this one. It is such a bonus to have developers who can work full-stack with them both being javascript.


JavaScript. Plain old JavaScript.

It's not particularly harder to write than all these frameworks that sit on top of it anyway, and frankly, I find keeping up with whichever js framework is most popular on a weekly basis to be not worth any practical benefit from using them.

So write js in those places where you have to, and use a better language for those places where it's more appropriate.


They are easy to learn and have nice community. Also Vue is kind of fast and lightweight.

I knew React. And I've learnt Vue to the level of creating of simple apps very quickly. I like both of them and use them for different projects.


I would use the MERN Stack.

MongoDB - Database Storage
Express - Web framework for Node.js
React - Front End Framework
Node.js - Back End server environment

React is basically just javascript so if you learn the fundamentals of vanilla javascript then its easier to pick up. And with Node.js you are basically just writing javascript on the server. Combine all of that with a NoSQL/SQL database and you are basically full stack. Making you significantly more valuable compared to other developers who can only work on the front end or back end only.


Hmm I am relatively fluent with Angular and like it very very much. Project Organization, RxJs, and the separation of html, css and js are all very nice concepts.

However I am keen on trying out Vue :) But I am missing a nice project idea.


Most projects don't need an SPA framework. That's a fiction that has been sold.

Some structure is good. I have nothing but great things to say about Stimulus. It's worth a look.


Isn't this an Angular vs React vs Vue discussion?

Personally I really like Angular, but it seems that most jobs in California are for React.


Svelte and sapper
Easy to learn
Fast development
Small bundle
Fast application


The one that gets you a job you like. It depends on where you live. For me it was React.

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