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Should a Frontend Developer have a good Design Sense?

sarthology profile image Sarthak Sharma ・1 min read

So I recently posted this article on CodeNewBie named "Why and how you can develop Design Sense?"

I explained my take on this in the above article but I'm here to hear what do you guy think about it?

is it important or not? and why?

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Monika Roy

As quoted by Brian reed, "Everything is designed. Few things are designed well."

I am a firm believer of this, having a good design skill is really important and impressive. 💯❤

You see everything with a different lens when you do have that right designing sense.

And yes nice article 💯

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Jordan Brennan

I think what's more valuable is a dev who cares equally about the UX as they do about code and knows how to work with a designer symbiotically to produce something great.
Too many devs just blindly implement the design. Trust your designer, but also help them with what I like to call zero-1-2-1000-error.

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Etienne Burdet

In the—virtually non-existent—case where you implement perfect mockups, with a flawless design system, you could do without it.

For anything else, yes you need some design notions. Even with a designer, you will need to design a few unattended corners, you will have to interpret some behavior etc. And of course, it can be your core skill to both design and implement! Simple effecient designs, implemented right away can be crazy efficient.

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Sarthak Sharma Author

Couldn’t agree more!!

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Ivan Borshchov

As a CEO of oursource web development company I would say that even small startups always try to hire a dedicated designer at least for initial product look. If you can feel that initial style (spacing, buttons sizes, areangemnet logic), to add new element in future when designer finished his work and left a project then it would be enough.

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Micah Lindley

Yes, for sure! Especially for freelancers like myself, I believe all developers should have a sense of design, even if they weren't formally trained. Design is one of those things that is useful both in and out of the workplace. Not to mention that if the developer(s) of a team understand design, the communication gap between designers and programmers of a team, increasing productivity.

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Nicolas Torres

Yep. Interface design is about consistency. And front-end developers are the ones implementing that consistency. It's vital to at least get the basics of grid, typography, contrast, colors, etc.

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Temiloluwa Adelowo

Personally, I think it is good, for a frontend developer to have a good design sense. However, it isn't compulsory. It just helps your development skill.

It's greatly advised though

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Marcel Cruz

Most definitely, it empowers you to do the whole front-end part of the project on your own.

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