Let's discuss "Ralph Breaks the Internet" ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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"Wreck it Ralph" was a great movie with a lot of childhood memories but today I went for "Ralph Breaks the Internet" and it was amazing. I really liked how they represented the internet in the movie. They very cleverly showed us good and bad aspects of the internet.

So I wanted to discuss two things

  • What was your favorite moment in the movie?

  • What was your takeaway from the movie?

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Well, I can't say favorite but the scenes I've had enjoyed was:-
a) When Ralph got mad outside the eBay store and break the media screen and threw it and then it smashed a user avatar and her internet connection lost.
b) The race between Vanellope and Shank.
c) How they represent internet ads process system.
d) Placement of eBay, Amazon, Pinterest, and of course the entire Walt Disney Company.

And about the takeaway from the movie was:-
As long as the person that loses the most is self-aware he/she will eventually win.


What was your favorite moment in the movie?

My boyfriend's (network engineer) was that when going over the wifi to the Internet, Ralph and Vanellope were literally encapsolated.

Mine was from a trailer, but I adored how they made fun of all the Disney princess tropes. "Are you okay? Should I call the police?"

Also, Felix hits the bar with Ralph and chugs a rootbeer.

What was your takeaway from the movie?

Felix and Calhoun are awesome parents and everyone should be more like them because they're adorable.


You can always rely on Pixar to tell realistic stories. I was really glad when the Key and Peele characters said "you can't go to infinity dummy, it's impossible" in the Toy Story 4 promo.


Surprisingly this was just a Disney movie, not Pixar. It's one of the few Disney animated movies I really enjoy, and I think they've definitely been taking ideas from Pixar for recent movies, like Wreck It Ralph and Zootopia.


Well, BIG HERO 6 was also by Disney. What a great movie it was ๐Ÿ˜


Havent seen it yet. Loved the first one. Was a good way to bridge the gap between gaming and rest of the world communities.


Havenโ€™t seen it yet but Iโ€™m expecting good things!


Yes, You will love it for sure. It's a perfect movie for people of the Web.

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