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Give a kick-Start to New Year with this Free Notion Template 🚀🔥

Sarthak Sharma
JavaScript Nerd👨🏻‍💻| Philosopher🧘🏻‍♂️ | Life Hacker🔧 | Health enthusiast🏋🏻‍♂️
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Hey Family 👋🏼

Today I launched my 15th product on product hunt 🚀, well not a product but a template. So I'm here to share with you folks.

This helps you bring all your goals on the same page to organize your year. Plan and execute, Setting Target to claps back against procrastination. Here you get Four exclusive sections:

Over Tracker with a Progress bar

Resoltion Board

📚 Books: Maintain your bookshelf on our reading tracker.

Resoltion Board

🛫 Travel: Vacation plans are not going to be nebulous anymore.

Resoltion Board

🏋🏼‍♀️ Fitness: Witness yourself becoming fitter each month.

Resoltion Board

📆 Articles: Schedule and plan your content with our planner.

Resoltion Board

Not enough? We have more for you to keep you driven throughout the year.

🏆 The weekly goal tracker: Split down big goals into weekly targets.

Resoltion Board

🪣 Bucket list: Add it now! Apart from the goals, what else you want to do or learn this year!

Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 5.11.57 PM

Want one?

Here is your link 👉🏼 Resolution Board

We are also on product hunt today. Upvote if you like it.


Well, this is just a start. My goal this year is to launch 11 more free templates for you all. So stay tuned and if you want a particular solution via Notion Template pin me @sarthology

Don't forget to leave your valuable feedback below. I would love to hear what we can improve in this template. All the best for the year ahead.

Discussion (15)

manasp profile image
Manas P

Thank you for making cool template, I was searching for this type of template from 1st Jan and didn't got a one that's fits for me.
Now I'm in the right track, and using this template I will achieve all my Goals Instantly.
Will make 2021 the most productive year.
Happy that you are making human life easier.

monika_roy1 profile image
Monika Roy

Procrastination 🙄is a big-time disease that most of us suffer. This template can genuinely help to plan🗓, execute, and track my progression on an everyday basis. 😎💯 Also, the vacation division📆 is an absolute savior for me. No more bombing plans. 🎯 Undoubtedly, I am going to use this template! also who can say to no such a practical planner. 💪

alwindanisam profile image
alwin dani sam

One more reason to love notion🤩

sarthology profile image
Sarthak Sharma Author

Hell Yeah !!

amitavroy7 profile image
Amitav Roy

Yes, I am really loving this application.
I use to manage my Office tasks, Personal tasks, planning my blog posts, youtube videos and so many other things.

amaljoy258 profile image
Amal Joy

Finally, I got what I'm looking for. Your template is really good.👌 It helps me break down my yearly goals into achievable weekly and monthly goals. 🔥🏆 I'm going to ace my new year resolutions. Thanks for giving it free🤑 Looking forward to grab all 12 templates 😂

dabibu153 profile image
saurav sharma

This is a really great way to be self-motivated this year.

I am gonna use this for the following:-

  • schedule study hours for my JLPT exams
  • regular focus for exercise

Definitely gonna use this template 🚀🚀

relativelyrehan profile image

That's a really cool template and exactly what I need for this year to become super productive.

I am gonna track my progress and will try to achieve my goals for 2021

sarthology profile image
Sarthak Sharma Author

All the best 🚀

nivesh7c profile image

This is a great tool and a nice way for setting up future goals and I found it helpful in monitoring my resolution progress.

manpreet profile image
Manpreet virk

2020 has set us all back but with this template, I am gonna crush my goals and will make 2021 the most productive year for me.

kakkaraashima34 profile image
Aashima Kakkar

Every time I decide a few things for myself, I generally write them in my notes! But I never track the progress! Like I think out of 5, I would always achieve 2 or 3. Maybe the reason is that I’m not measuring the progress. Really wanted something like this! Would love to use it!

shaijut profile image
Shaiju T

No more free ?

aasshhui profile image
Arvind Sharma

Amazing. Love this ❤

tushargandhi27 profile image

It would be really helpful for me! The best part is now I can place my different goals at one place!
Loved the feature of bucket list!