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This week, I finally released devtocli and planning to take it to producthunt

sarthology / devtocli

👩🏻‍💻 Browse and Search Posts from Command Line CLI

Wanted to get on your terminal? Ahoy! now you can.


1. Check the top posts

You can get top posts from the feed in your terminal using:


2. Check top posts by tag

Easy post search using the tag, you can use

devto tag javascript

if you don't know the keyword, you can use the search tag feature using

devto tag

3. Check recent posts by any author

You can check 5 most recent posts of any author using

devto author sarthology

4. Check top posts by timeline

You can check top posts on for a specific timeframe using

devto top week

There are several options like week month year infinity. If you want to see the options just type

devto top

5. Search top posts by a keyword

Use the powerful search feature to find posts using keywords

devto search sarthology

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