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re: Since Google turned overtly evil, I've been trying to move away from their services as much as possible. Unfortunately, I cannot yet replace Google...

It's a real battle actually, How to shift. That's why I'm working on an open source project called "Nomoogle".

sarthology / nomoogle

🐻 Chromium extension to get rid of Google addiction


A simple Chrome extension that can help you get rid of Google addiction.

For firefox extension check this repo : nomoogle-firefox


  1. Clone or Download the repo.
  2. Go to Extension settings
  3. Enable Developers Mode
  4. Click on "Load Unpackaged" and add the folder you downloaded.


  1. Get google alternatives in one click
  1. Get popup Reminder, Everytime you use a google product
  1. With two special modes

Strict Mode: Block the entire webpage completly, doesn't allow you to move forward.

Redirects: Automatically redirects the page to popular alternative.

Thanks to

❤️ Special thanks to @levelsio. 🙅‍♀️ Nomoregoogle was an inspiration for this.


MIT License

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