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What's your 🎉New Year Resolutions🎉 ?

Sarthak Sharma on December 29, 2018

I know you all must be thinking, "Ugh... Not this again. These things never work!" But they can. Hear me out! Recently I was reading a great articl... [Read Full]
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My new Year resolutions are:-

  • Read atleast 10 books.
  • Travel to 3 new places.
  • Contribute to atleast 5 open-source projects.
  • Learn atleast 3 new skills.
  • To take care of my health.

You can check out my resolutions board here


Neat idea. Here are some of my resolutions:

  • Read at least one book a month.
  • Pick up at least 2 new skills.
  • Work out consistently and be healthier. (Hopefully I can avoid the self-inflicted injuries because of my clumsiness lmao)
  • Cut down distractions like Youtube and spend more time on productive things.
  • Consume less, create more.
  • Learn to say no to things more often.
  • Be kinder to everyone, including myself.
  • Start journaling and reflect more on my actions.

Happy New Year, everyone!


All the best man. I'm gonna help you in that distraction thing for sure.


I toyed around with some GameBoy/DS ROM hacking and realized a lot of my favorite stuff is really old now! I hope to work on more nostalgia-based projects.


My NYE resolutions for 2019 (regarding my career):

  • write at least one Dev or Medium article a month
  • attend more meet-ups
  • give back to coding bootcamps through mentorship and peer support
  • participate in the stackoverflow community
  • learn Python basics
  • master CSS grid
  • keep my github squares green!

All the best. Let me know if you want to collaborate in future 😊


And here’s to hoping CSS Subgrid makes it into Chromium this year! 🥂


If I get done any of my music projects this year I'll consider it a success. Mostly song cover videos, but I also have some original material that I've been wanting to finish for years and just never done.

Also want to learn a new programming language at some point. Maybe Rust or Go, but I'm also looking at getting back to a programming project I had an idea for years ago and started on (in a typical dumbass waterfall pattern way) but never went anywhere. So that might help determine any new languages based on the app's basic requirements. We'll see.


All the best, Derek! Let us know if you start a Youtube/Soundcloud or something! Fellow singer-songwriter and musician here. :D


That's great man, all the best. Let me know the idea, may be I can help. DM me @sarthology


Mines are:

  • Learn Python
  • Do more exercise
  • Better management of my studying time
  • Give more and elevate others more
  • Write a post on
  • Give a talk at the local tech meetup
  • Learn a 3rd speaking language (Russian, Spanish or Mandarin)

Just when I was thinking to use the upcoming weekend for contemplating the past year and planning the next, this post comes around the corner and yields some interesting ideas.

Such a github repo sounds quite useful to me. I think I'll try that, along with increasing my journaling frequency.


After a lot of contemplation, I came to the following conclusion and want that to be my resolution for the new year. This year I became a father and if the one thing I want to teach my son is to respect everyone no matter their race color or gender. If I have to teach I have to practice and hence want to use 2019 to be a perfect gentleman.


Will happy to answer this :)

My Aim is to keep my resolutions limited, so I will start with three resolutions:

 || 12 books a year

 ||  Generate at least two passive income sources

 || My third resolution is to take this thing seriously

... ..
. .
. .
. . . . .


Two points for the awesome main image! Resolutions never work for me, no matter how much I write down, paste reminders, or announce socially. I have too much of a wayward mind that wants to do everything, and ends up doing nothing. So, while I have no resolutions whatsoever, I do have a direction: to waste less time on games, YouTube, etc. If I can do that, my life will be sorted. 🤔


Seems like you are distracted by technology. Also, Anything can be achieved if try hard. Check this column out, I have written many articles just to help people get rid of their Digital Addiction and be more productive. 😊
Hope this will help. All the best.


I've read countless articles before so that is not going to help me.

Also, Anything can be achieved if try hard.

This, however, is. I'll make an effort! 😇🙏


1.I resolve to be more aware of the technology and IT buzzwords cluttering our speech, and try to use English instead of jargon as much as possible. At the very least, to explain new jargon and acronyms when used.
2.Read more
Code even more....
3.2018 weight 85 kgs
2019 weight 74 kgs ...


Hope you achieve it all. All the Best Vaibhav.


I'll have my answer by the end of the weekend.



  • Take better care of my body/mind/eyes/ears/etc.
  • Get better at traveling (to conferences and elsewhere) without it disrupting my life too much
  • Learn to be good at hiring/interviewing
  • Learn Postgres in and out.

That’s great. I have few books to recommend for that.

Get better at traveling

Try Vagabonding.

Learn to be good at hiring/interviewing

Try Hard things about hard things. It has lots of good advices along with hiring and interviewing.

take better care of my bosy/mind/eyes/ears/etc

Try two books

Hope this will help. Thanks for building this great community. Will see you in next year with some more great posts and discussions. Happy New Year 🥳😊


Cool... I see resolutions more like goals than resolutions....

This gave me an idea, build a small app to define them(annual goals, resolutions) a define even a kind of plannig (dates only) to achieve them and the app will remind them during the year at time by mail for example... as you want to contribute on a project you can contribute on it :).

I am about to learn go, i can learn it by doing that small app.... What do you thing ?


Yeah, Nice idea. I can handle the frontend in Javascript.


I don't make New Year's resolutions anymore. I got tired of making them and them always falling through or the resolution didn't work out or something along those lines. I just got to the point of why make them and stopped.


My new year resolutions is:

  • never touching PHP again
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