Deno Full Course in 3.5 hours

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Deno The Successor of Nodejs

Learn #Deno (the successor of #Nodejs) from very basics to advanced by creating API in deno using MongoDB and authenticate the user using JWT in 3.5 hours

Deno Modules Used

We will use various modules of Deno world

  1. Oak Middleware Framework https://deno.land/x/oak
  2. Encrypt Password https://deno.land/x/bcrypt
  3. Generate JWT Token https://deno.land/x/djwt
  4. Mongo DB Driver https://deno.land/x/mongo

Useful Links

Docs: https://deno.land
Source Code: https://github.com/bitfumes/deno-js-with-mongodb-course

Here is the list of topics we will cover

1 Getting Started with Deno
2 Introduction to Deno Oak
3 Create your first route
4 Create Post route with data
5 Create Dynamic routes
6 Handle not found
7 Using Environment Variable
8 Using Controllers
9 Installing MongoDB
10 Using Mongo Driver
11 Fetch user from MongoDB
12 Store user into mongo db
13 Validate Request Data
14 Delete user from mongodb
15 Update user on mongodb
16 Validation on Update
17 Refactor Validation
18 Multiple Errors at once
19 Handle Empty Object
20 Hot Restart with Denon
21 Handling Incorrect User ID
22 Add created at field
23 Bcrypt the password
24 Create Login route
25 Fetch the user with email
26 Verify Password
27 Generate JWT
28 Extract auth token from header
29 Validate Auth Token
30 Create Auth Middleware
31 Create Protected Routes
32 Fetch UserId from token
33 Show authenticated use

Check out The Progressive Course of Denojs at

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Actually Deno is not the successor of NodeJS as NodeJS is and will be still used in many years to come. It is all cool creating tutorials but if we talk business, what are the benefits for a company to switch to Deno if not customer's wishes? It might be better but both Node and Deno are not racing against each other and are similar, so what is the point of heating things up, like the creator didn't say that they are comparable but still no different?


I believe you have a good point.
But if you watch Ryan Dahl talk, he said many issues about nodejs and Deno solves that.
But for sure from business prospective nodejs is not going to die and both node and Deno will go parallel


Those of you who want to go ahead of this youtube video course.
Here is a progressive course for you bit.ly/deno-course
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Feedback and suggestions are appreciated :)


Interesting; are you going to update the course as deno evolves?


Yeahh, if you check full course at bitfumes.com/premium, I have written it as "Progressive course"
With every Major release, course will be updated 🤩


Keep up the good work!



Hey Sarthak, I have been watching your videos for some time. Eagerly waiting for this one too.


I think I love u 😂



Thanks for sharing.


Ah just what I was looking for! Wanted to get started with Deno, but didn't know where to look, seems I've found it. Thanks!


I catch you here also. This is too early, surely will look into this. Thanks @sarthak


What if I can say that now the Deno course includes WebSocket Real-time chat system with over 16 new videos on the playlist.
Check this out bit.ly/deno-course


Great. Could you make a tutorial with Postgresql? Many Thx.


Sure I will add that as soon as postgresql driver become stable