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#2 Build in public ( ) Share Code Snipper

Working on a side product called Growex
It is a social media automation tool

I have decided to build this product in public, which means every day I will share the update for my product
I am going this on Twitter and decided to do the same here also

Today's work - Code Snippet Sharing with the power of scheduling

No need to create an image from and then share it on every social platform

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 12.45.17 PM

Growex provide you an easy and simple way to share a code snippet

It also allows customizing various settings like:

  • Code editor theme
  • The language mode
  • Background color ( later more configurations is coming )
  • Background Padding
  • Font size

And today I added functionality to store all these presets into the database
And user can easily select from drop-down from save configurations

Configuration Storing Strategy

There are 3 places where configurations are store

  1. React state
    This one is obviously short-lived configs

  2. Browser local storage
    This is automatically synced whenever the user changes in the current settings
    So it's like the lifetime of browser or if you are using the same browser every time

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 12.51.37 PM

  1. On the database This one is the game-changer, There is an option to save settings which simply put all your code snippet configurations into the database

This allows users to choose their configurations from anywhere, no dependency on the browser

Get into the waiting list

Benefits of getting into waiting list
50% off on the launch for premium plans

If you like my product you can visit and just signup for free using your Twitter profile

You will get a notification when growex open gates for more users

Follow growex on twitter @growexApp

Happy Coding :)

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