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What I learned from 6 years of building CodeNewbie

saronyitbarek profile image Saron 惻1 min read

In this talk, I share my learnings from the past 6 years of building CodeNewbie, the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code. I cover:

  • How to build a community
  • What people actually need to learn to code
  • How we can help new and early-career developers
  • How early-career developers help us

Here is a download link to the talk slides (PDF)

This talk will be presented as part of CodeLand:Distributed on July 23. After the talk is streamed as part of the conference, it will be added to this post as a recorded video.

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Every time I hear @saronyitbarek speak I am reminder of how powerful a single voice with a focused mission can be, in driving change. I love how intentional she has been with building the #codenewbie community to be inclusive


CodeNewbie is so inspiring


First code conference ever! Sucks it's distributed but thankful cause it allows me to attend!


My first one too!


This is definitely making me miss IRL CodeLand.

As soon as we're allowed to get together we're definitely having one of those!


Hopefully by the next one it'll be back in NYC! I can start saving and crash on a friends couch in Brooklyn next year!


For real! I was soooo looking forward to it this year!


If you're lucky enough to be in NYC šŸ˜­


I am able to attend from India, only because it's distributed


We are glad you are here!!


Thats awesome! Welcome!


First one here too! I'm from France so I'm personally thankful it's all online, if it would've been in the USA this year I wouldn't be able to attend!


I live in the US and I wouldn't have been able to go to NYC, I can't imagine trying to from France!

Yea definitely not happening haha!


It's my first online conference, it's nice to be here!


Welcome! We're glad CodeLand is your first! šŸ˜„


It's my first one too!


Welcome to your first conference! :highfive:


Glad you're here! Welcome šŸŽ‰


Welcome to your first coding conference! We're glad it's CodeLand! šŸŽ‰


First one for me too! I am glad it's distributed because I wouldn't have been able to attend this year otherwise. I was already planning on a savings plan so I could attend next year in person.


Awesome! :highfive:


I think I'll always feel like a codenewbie


When you see all these people on the chat


Hahahaha perfect!


CodeNewbie is amazing - the most important connections I've made in tech started from the community!


@saronyitbarek 's voice for me is like that song that takes you back to a certain time/point in life just by hearing it again! and where you were when you heard it first, ahh all those newbie days :DD


Thank you! What a nice compliment!


The #CodeNewbie twitter chat is what introduced me to so many of my dev friends now!


haha the image of Rami Malek!


I can't pass up the opportunity to say I once saw Rami Malek at the grocery store.

I just walked by, didn't try to say anything, but it did happen and I'll never not share that information šŸ˜„


Having initially starting my programming journey after being a sign language interpreter for an on-site code bootcamp, I appreciate the emphasis @saronyitbarek places on the importance of accessibility and bringing to light different types of accessibility.


Asking for help is something a lot of people are worried to do for fear of seeing "less than", but it shows humility and great self awareness


My struggle as been not knowing where to start asking the questions I have. I started with Google searches and then found the CodeNewbie podcast where I learned about the twitter chats and then I found more people to follow. Slowly but surely I have been finding people that I can ask for help. I also sometimes feel that I don't know what questions I should be asking. This is all a whole new world for me since most of my instruction has been strictly in the classrooms.


I always think I am bothering someone. Especially if I don't get it right away! I'm getting better though.


I feel the same way! Like Iā€™m wasting their time. But Iā€™m growing out of that mindset.


Community really is SO important. Having support is key


CodeNewbie was a powerful resource for me a few years back! Really proud to work with the folks behind that community at DEV! ā¤


Starting my bootcamp journey in August. This conference was posted in my slack. This first talk has me so glad I found it!


You're going to ROCK it!


I just graduated a bootcamp in March! Good luck and have fun! It is so much work, but is so rewarding!!!


Listening to Sarony reminds me of the time I was a complete codenewbie and listening to the podcast with no idea of how far I will go. It is one of the most supportive, and inclusive communities, I am glad I came across it. These lessons are gold.


I think the need for community is even more important at present with a lack of physical workplace, it's lonely at home without my colleagues from work


My second Codeland ever and the CodeNewbie community is awesome as ever!


I also graduated from Flatiron. Community is so important and I love how everyone I meet from Flatiron seem to all put community above all else.


I graduated from Flatiron as well. I have never been in as supportive a community as Flatiron <3


Love CodeNewbie!


We really need more peopl to understand that!!! Junior devs are assets!!! ! HIRE US


So true. Jr. devs are needed more than ever šŸ’•


I'm doing 100DaysOfCode right now. It makes a HUGE difference.


Interesting, I had no idea Twitter Chat was a thing lol! Will definitely join the next one to see what it's all about


I love this. Saron, your story is so relatable.


Mental Health is SO important! We need to talk about it more in the dev community!


Hello! I am from Boston, MA and currently transitioning into the coding world. I am excited to be here to learn more and connect with others!


LOVE you Saron for your transparency about your mental health challenges and triumphs! ā¤ļø


This was my first tech conference in a while. I must say it was truly an uplifting experience. Thank you so much for the work that you do with Code Newbie!


CodeNewbie is really so inspiring!


YEEESSSSSS MEDS ARE THE BEST!!!!! Methylphenid has CHANGED MY LIFE for the better! No shame AT ALL.


I wanted to screenshot the slide of 19. drugs are good haha