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Broadcom’s Acquisition of VMware: Ease Your Frustration with 1 EURO Migration to FishOS. Get Your Easy Transition Guide

The recent announcement about Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware shook the virtualization industry, posing serious threats to businesses of all kinds and particularly affecting small- and medium-sized enterprises. Read this guide to learn strategies to navigate through these challenges and explore a unique opportunity.

What Makes This Market Transformation Challenging

VMware has experienced ownership changes in the past. However, this recent acquisition by Broadcom demands swift adaptation. Partners of VMware from the SME realm now have to embrace a new operational model, which, with a high probability, will lead to serious financial strains. This is where Sardina Systems steps in, extending a helping hand through a free migration to FishOS.

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Stay on Top of the Virtualization Wave

The virtualization sector is experiencing rapid evolution. This shift demands a comprehensive reevaluation of your strategy, extending beyond simple financial planning:

1. Expand Your Expertise Beyond Subscriptions. Traditional subscription-based models include hidden fees and are constructed in a way that leads to vendor lock-in. While they offer quick solutions, the long-term financial burden escalates. Prioritize gaining in-depth knowledge over convenient but costly subscriptions. Invest in genuine expertise instead of ‘convenient’ but costly fixes.

2. Conduct a Thorough System Analysis. This is an opportunity to scrutinize your current system and explore alternative market offerings. It will take time, but a clear understanding of the market, product specifics, and industry trends will bring you an invaluable long-term advantage.

3. Take Charge of Budget Optimization. In situations when budgetary expansion is not an option, personal involvement and a proactive approach become paramount. As the primary stakeholder, use your insights and knowledge to evaluate security, reliability, and performance to optimize costs accordingly. Also, be open to both established and emerging solutions.

4. Seize the Moment to Stay Ahead. Proactive adaptation to market changes is the key to thriving in a dynamic environment. Stay informed, embrace change, and avoid being caught off guard by corporate decisions.

Trust FishOS, Your Partner in Transition

Since 2014, Sardina Systems has been empowering the cloud industry with reliable and innovative solutions. Headquartered in the UK, we have successfully met the needs of our global clients across diverse industries, including healthcare, bioinformatics, telecommunications, and beyond, helping them establish robust open-source cloud infrastructures. Our versatile FishOS platform seamlessly integrates with existing technologies, offering a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Unique Offer: €1 Migration to FishOS

Embrace change with FishOS. For a limited time, we are extending our special €1 migration offer, which has proved highly successful during the times of COVID-19. Get a smooth and seamless transition to FishOS for your business.

When you trust Sardina Systems, you trust a multiple-award-winning participant of the OpenInfra Foundation, OCP, and a team of cloud industry experts with an exceptional client satisfaction rate. Get your free consultation and transform your virtualization journey with FishOS.

In a landscape marked by rapid change and uncertainty, FishOS provides a reliable, efficient, and budget-friendly alternative. Contact us for your comprehensive migration plan tailored to your specific needs.

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