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Discussion on: How Do You Achieve Deep Focus?

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Krishna Damaraju • Edited

Paper 📃 , Pen 🖊️, and Stopwatch ⏳ are all I use.

  1. Write your task on a paper
  2. Allocate TTS (time to solve)
  3. Any distraction, write it down as well.
  • One task at a time, I am a total no to parallel processing 🙌🏻

  • Two sections on the paper, TODO(Task goes here) and THOUGHTS (Distractions goes here)

  • I try not to allocate more than 15-20 mins to every task (or subtask) based on my attention span, which could be different for you.

  • If the task is not completed, go to the other task and come back to it later.

=> Whenever I go by this, multiple tabs doesn't seem to distract me.

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Utkarsh Talwar Author

Hmmm... I have tried using pen and paper in the past. Didn't work that well for me. But good to know your process and thoughts on the topic!