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A complete guide for better buttons

sarathsantoshdamaraju profile image Krishna Damaraju ・1 min read

Buttons are one of the most simple, yet deeply fundamental and foundational building blocks of the web. Click a button, and you submit a form or change the context within the same page. But there is a lot to know from the HTML implementation and attributes, styling best practices, things to avoid, and the even-more-nuance implementations of the buttons — links and button-like inputs.

This article covers, building —

  • Links,
  • Buttons,
  • and Button-like Inputs

We’re going to deep-dive into all three of them, and for each, dig into the 🏗️ HTML implementations, 🖌 CSS and ⚙️ JS considerations, ❤️ Accessibility information, and ‼️ Pitfalls/Bad practices. By covering all that, we’ll have a better UX implementation of each.

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