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Reasons To Value Your Startup Using Valuation Software

The process of assessing a business's worth based on tangible and intangible assets is termed startup valuation. Analysts also estimate its potential for future expansion in this process. During the seed fundraising stage, an investor invests in a business in return for a portion of the company's equity. Entrepreneurs need startup valuation to determine the number of shares to offer a seed investor in exchange for investment. A startup valuation also allows investors to examine the company's growth potential and operations. There are several valuation techniques available to establish a company's worth; however, valuation software assists in determining a fledgling company's valuation quickly and easily. In this article, we will discuss why and how to value startups using valuation software.

Why Should You Value Your Startup?

When it comes to seeking seed investment, startup valuation might be the difference between success and failure. An investor will only support a business if they believe they can earn handsomely from holding shares in it. Thus, the valuation of new businesses is the foundation against which investors assess startup financing requests. Furthermore, valuation is important for any business since it determines how much stock an entrepreneur must provide to an investor in return for necessary funding. For example, a firm with a greater valuation can provide a smaller quantity of stock or shares to an investor in exchange for seed investment.

What Is Startup Valuation Software?

Startup valuation is vital to the funding process. New businesses can require valuation instantly before putting a proposal before Angels and Venture Capitalists (VC). Obtaining a full valuation assessment can sometimes be a lengthy and complicated process for a startup with no history of revenue generation. This is where valuation software can help. A startup valuation software is an established tool that is accessible via the web platform of a valuation firm to deliver quick and easy startup valuations. In just a few minutes, anybody can determine the possible worth of their firm with a cheap startup valuation.

Reasons For Valuing Your Startup Using Valuation Software:
Getting a startup valuation is mandatory for firms looking to gain the confidence of investors and secure funding. However, getting a complete valuation from a valuation professional can be complex, lengthy, and pricey. You also need to present thorough documentation as requested by your valuation provider. Valuation software can provide a valuation report from anywhere at a fraction of the cost and time charged for a complete valuation. Let us look at some solid reasons to consider valuation software for startup valuation below.

Less time-consuming - The lack of tangible evidence demands valuation models for startups to be different from those used for established firms. Startup valuation for pre-revenue enterprises cannot be based only on a linear calculation and requires a comprehensive review of many market-driven factors. As a result, most valuation services devote significant time and effort to providing exact and reliable findings. Startup valuation software provides company valuation quickly as it leverages state-of-the-art technology to analyze your company’s worth in just 20 minutes or so.
The accurate and trusted methodology- The software technology uses a precise and reliable set of methodologies and algorithms to assess the responses you supply when filling out a survey. The questions in the survey revolve around the company's leadership and workforce, procedures, product/services, industry, and marketing and sales tactics. While answering generalist questions might be challenging for a new business, you must select responses that are most relevant to your company to receive a fair score. Because AI technology eliminates human mistakes, valuation software ensures relevant and correct value results.
Relevant and precise valuation report - The valuation report created by the valuation software evaluates the startup's worth based on its present performance, location, and potential growth. The computer analyzes the firm's value using verifiable market data with a high validity level. This guarantees that the information and evidence acquired are accurate. Obtaining market data enables the startup business to make more legitimate and informed decisions, decreasing the possibility of more loss. The valuation report and a deeper understanding of the business’ worth can help the founders with the following-

  • Secure Funding - When presenting your business to investors, a valuation report provides you with market data to help you deliver a compelling story. Investors commonly agree to pay a company's bills when they believe in the company's vision and find the central idea attractive. They should be certain that the founders and leaders can realize their vision and that their strategy and business are making their way to success.
  • Grant equity - Valuation reports allow founders to understand how much equity/common shares should be granted to employees and its effects on the position and power held by employees. Employees are commonly given stock options, phantom stock units, restricted stock options, or general stock options as a form of compensation. When employees are granted equity or common shares, their values become more closely associated with the firm. While this does not affect the business's money, it dilutes existing shareholders' ownership.
  • Shareholder transfer - A valuation report serves as the foundation for determining a sales price during a buy/sell agreement. A buy/sell agreement is a contract between the participants of an LLC that allows for the sale of a member's stake in the company to the other members of the LLC. A buy/sell agreement is commonly triggered by death, incapacity, retirement, or divorce. Common valuation procedures include a predetermined selling price, an independent analysis, and a calculative methodology such as multiple income or book value.
  • The true value of a startup - Understanding your firm's true value with a valuation assessment ensures that you have precise data and figures about your company and its future growth. Knowing your company's worth helps decide if it's time to sell or grow. It also helps to demonstrate how a company's income and worth have increased over the last five years. Prospective purchasers want to see that a business has expanded gradually and continuously over time.
  • Mergers and acquisitions - During mergers and acquisitions or selling your business, you must be able to show the potential of the firm, its value and asset holdings, operational progress, and predicted future growth. A startup valuation generated by valuation software can help you with this. When a firm wants to buy or merge with yours for a low price, you can counter with the information from a startup valuation report and argue your way to the appraised valuation.

Affordable - Due to the complexities of startup valuation, specialists must devote time and effort to producing an accurate valuation report. As a result, startup valuations are often highly-priced. On the other hand, valuation software employs AI-powered automation technology to give a startup valuation based on a structured questionnaire. It does not provide a full analysis but rather a quick overview to help the company market its concept, attract funding, and acquire new projects. As a result, valuation software gives all you want from a full valuation report at a fraction of the cost.
Other benefits for founders - Startup valuation software is a quick, simple, and affordable way for the founders to know the worth of their startup and understand the market and industry to measure the potential of their startup. A startup valuation can be a crucial insight for the founders to strategize their operations and plan the future of the startup.

How Can You Value Your Startup Using Valuation Software?

Startup valuation software works by gathering fundamental startup information. You don’t even need to prepare any documents. All you have to do is fill out a questionnaire on the company's leadership and workforce, administration, products/services, industry, and marketing and sales strategy. After you've answered all of the questions, the program generates a comprehensive value report in about 20 minutes.

A startup valuation software utilizes a variety of approaches to present you with a summary of valuation assessment. The startup valuation software uses the Berkus technique or checklist valuation approach, scorecard valuation method, risk factor valuation approach, and venture capital (VC) approach. Since the tool uses predetermined methodologies with automated technology, it provides accurate reports without any possibility of errors. A participant must answer the most suitable answer for their startup in the questionnaire to ensure valuation accuracy.


Startup Valuation is a must for every startup looking to raise funds from Angels and VCs. It has many additional benefits for the founders and can help them determine the future of the company. Getting a startup valuation can be complex, lengthy, and expensive. Using valuation software over traditional valuation methods via valuation service providers has several benefits. Valuation software makes it easy, quick, and affordable to receive a valuation for any company from anywhere.

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