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Discussion on: Light Mode or Dark Mode, which do you prefer?

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My personal opinions are quite mixed up. I think white mode makes the text and content on a page quite visible but it does put a lot of stress on eyes as compared to black mode which looks classic and less heavy on eyes.

I think this decision also matters with the emotions we have towards these two alternatives.
We have been using a white mode since our childhood so who are attached to their childhood memories a lot would think that the conventional screen color is good to continue and there sin;t any such reason to change it. On the other hand people who like adventure and love to try new things would consider the darker screen as something very classic having a charismatic effect so they would prefer it.

Honestly, I believe that its the emotional importance that we give to each which determines which mode would be consistent

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Ben Sinclair

"We" might have been, but it's more generational than that. I grew up using light text on dark backgrounds and never really got on board with this whole GUI trend for doing it the other way!