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I'm glad to see this discussion because I had an early interview with a company last week that pays about 10% less than my last job (but since I'm not currently working, more than the nothing I'm making now :)), but seems like a much more supportive environment than my last job, which is really what I'm looking for in my next job, and I have to decide if I want to continue with the interview process despite the pay cut.

I'm undecided, but definitely considering it since I can live on the lower salary (just less saving and less fun spending) and at this point in my career I need the support more than I need the money.
I'm definitely interested to see everyone else's thoughts!


It's a question that's been playing on my mind that I thought is worth sharing, even though I'm not actively looking, so I'm glad you find it somewhat useful!

I feel like the difficulty with your situation is that we've been almost hard-wired to think the next job we go for should always pay higher, which in an ideal world, who wouldn't want that? But if there are signs that the new job will support you in some of the ways I mentioned above, maybe it will boost your worth as a developer in the long run and so might be worth going for it.

At the same time, it's tricky to tell what a place is truly like until you have worked for them. So I guess the other question is, can you afford to hold it out and find another place that will offer you the same/more than your last place?

Either way, hope it works out well for you, whatever your next endeavour turns out to be! :)

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