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How to activate Azure Command Line Interface (Azure CLI)

The Azure Command-Line Interface is a cross-platform tool that can be used to run administrative tasks on Windows computers. It can be installed and used locally on a variety of devices. You can also use it to connect to Azure through a browser or run it from inside a Docker container.

The Azure CLI is automatically installed on Windows computers using a multi-system image (MSI). It can be accessed through the Windows Command Prompt or the Powershell.

When installing the software for Linux, you can also use the packages that are available for Windows Subsystem for Linux. See the main page for more details.

The latest version of the Azure CLI is version 2.36.0. To find out if it's still working properly, run "az version". The Azure CLI is a cross-platform command line tool that can be used to connect to Azure resources. It can also be used to run tasks from inside a Docker container. You can also use it through a browser.

Update or install
On Windows, the MSI distributable is used to install or update the Azure CLI. Current versions do not need to be uninstalled before installing the MSI installer because the MSI will upgrade any existing version.

The Recent version:
Make sure to Install the most recent version of the Azure CLI. Click the "Yes" box when the installer asks if it can make changes to your device. To utilize the Azure CLI, close and reopen any open Windows Command Prompt or PowerShell windows after the installation is complete.

Version specific
Change the version section in the URL>.msi to download the MSI installer for a given version. The Azure CLI release notes list the available versions.

Activate the Azure CLI
The az command can now be used to launch the Azure CLI from either Windows Command Prompt or PowerShell.

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