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Discussion on: Am I a designer? Are you?

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I'm a designer/developer hybrid (with an emphasis on the designer part), and the distinction you made at the end of this post is what's always mattered most to me, because I very much approach design as an exercise in creative problem-solving, even if the medium isn't visual.

It's what I call the difference between being a designer and being a design thinker. If you're the latter, then every potential problem or situation becomes an opportunity to actively design abstract solutions. In the words of Don Norman, "All artificial things are designed." What I take from that quote is that you can either passively or actively engage in the design process at all levels if you make the conscious choice to, because otherwise your lack of a choice is still an implicit design decision.

I especially agree with your quote from Andy Ingram where he emphasizes the role of holistic thinking in good design.