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localhost + service worker & caches = serve old app

I will share with you an issue that occurred while I was developing a new app. When I try to open the new app with the localhost at the port 3000 it always opens the old app :(

You can imagine what I felt, stop the server, and then start again many times and I couldn't believe why the old app continuously appears???

I googled for a solution to kill that old app.

My Sincere friend StackOverflow help me, please then I found a solution. Open cmd and run netstat -ano | findstr :<PORT> and then a list will appear and you can kill it by run taskkill /PID <PID> /F

Wow, I killed it. let's try to open our new app in confidence. What???? No, the old app is still alive :(

I tried many other solutions but it is still alive!

Take a breathe and think and think again and suddenly I asked myself what weapons the old app had to beat me in this game?? The old app is a weather app with a manifest file and service worker and cachhhhe. I google again and found this solution. Now -a loud hahaha- I know how to kill it :D

Game over by Darius Dan Blue<br>
 from flaticon

Just by clearing storage from developer tools. What caused the issue is that chrome was loading cached files for the old app. So every time I tried to open at the port 3000 it was opened from caches.

Thanks for reading! If you meet a similar issue leave a comment and share how you did solve it.

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Hope this article helps, feel free to share it with your friends, any feedback will be appreciated :)

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