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Let's Talk: Alternate Career

saracunn profile image Sara Cunningham ・1 min read

Imagine this...

I always knew I wanted to work in the tech field with a somewhat technical job but what if I couldn't? Where would I be? Who knows...

If you had a non-technical job what would it be and why?


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I could work as a translator and localize stuff. It is one of my hobbies. Not a job that pays well compared to the workload so not planning on ever doing it for a living.

I could also work in construction or as a craftsman. Probably anything that involves doing something with your hands would work.

In an alternate reality I could've been an athlete. Would have required someone to push me into that direction when I was young.

On what I actually consider as a possibility in future is to become a book author, but that would require tons of learning on how to write fiction and especially characters. I have interest on world building. Might get to it if I get to a point where I can feel financially secure.


I wish to work in TV/radio broadcasting. I am doing coding tutorial/ Python talk show on Twitch at the moment and thinks that I actually enjoy it. Right now I don't have enough much time to make it into a "business" and I cannot earn a living with streaming (or not earning anything significant at all) but maybe that's something that I can switch to????? But I do like my current tech job though.


I was a Tech Recruiter before switching to Web Development, so in a reality not soooo far from mine, I would have continued there. I would have became a Team Lead and work on more tech education content for other recruiters :)


I would probably be a personal/fitness trainer. I started working out when I was in college just because my buddies went to the gym regularly. Gradually, I developed interest in, not just merely working out, but also understanding the mechanics and techniques involved in each workout/exercise. However, I never thought of turning this hobby into a profession, as I somehow knew I wanted to be a web developer. But yeah, if not a developer, I would be a personal/fitness trainer. Sorry for the long story though. 😄


maybe Id be still doing investigative work or working in the field of Social Psychology.