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re: I’ve been fully remote (product marketing for a Bay Area tech company) since November 2018. I’ll be remote following COVID and probably for the res...

Oh wow, you've been working remotely for a bit longer than everyone else. Did other people at the company have difficulty switching, and did they ask you for tips or advice on working remotely?

That's true working remotely does give you more time to do other things and can free up money but also comes with some disadvantages.


I started working remotely when I started at my company (New Relic), before COVID and the whole company going remote (back in February I think). New Relic has been very remote-friendly since before I started, so, when we went all remote, it wasn't that big of a deal. Some people struggled adjusting to WFH, mostly around not having a good place to work (small SF apartments will do that) and childcare.

Advice on working remotely:

  • Get a desk, a 2nd monitor, and a good chair.
  • Make your meetings video calls. It helps a lot.
  • Stock your own snacks and coffee.
  • Take time mid-day to get out of the house. It's a nice benefit that is way easier WFH.
  • Some days are just not productive. It's way more noticeable than in the office. That's okay. Don't sweat unproductive days.

Ergonomics has been more apparent than ever going full WFH. I started in a new role right as the SIP orders in SF began (end of March). Bumped my mouse from a cheapo vertical to an Evoluent and it's made such a huge difference, but you nailed an oft-forgotten crucial crucial bit! Stocked snacks and coffee! LOL. I got an Aeropress at the beginning of the year and my gosh! What was I doing all this time paying $4/$5 for Philz? I'm very ashamed

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