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How to avoid feeling overwhelmed when starting in IT

sara profile image Sara ・2 min read

Some people feel frustrated when they start in the field of IT, due to amount of existing technologies and the feeling of confusion when they trying to choose the best one to start. The Internet is full with information, which is a blessing, but sometimes it might be overwhelming as well. In this post I would like to talk about my personal experience and give some small tips that have helped me with this issue:

1. Find your interests. Think about the area or areas in IT that interest you the most. Are you fascinated about IOT? Machine learning? Or maybe you would like to learn to do web applications? Having in mind in which area or areas you would like to focus will help you find the best technologies to learn.

2. Choose the technologies. Once you have decided in which area you would like to focus first, take your time to do some research in the different technologies in that area. This is probably the most overwhelming part (Java, Kotlin? Flutter, Xamarin? Vue.js, React.js?). Make a list of all the technologies and inform yourself well about them. Choose one of them to start with.

3. Find resources to learn. Look for online courses or good articles about the technologies you want to learn. Try to put in practice the things you learn, maybe making a small project.

4. Don't be afraid to go back. You started learning a technology and didn't like it that much... No problem! Go back to number 2 and find some alternatives.

5. Be constant. Finally, be constant with your learning, and set realistic goals. Eventually, you will master that IT area!

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