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Discussion on: How to use the Remark Markdown converters with Next.js projects

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Hey James, I tried that as well.
I followed up your recent blog update. Could see you've dropped remark-to-react.
Any way to workaround it ? That external link target config was quite easy with that library.
Here's my repo:
Would be great if you can check the code once.

(on the main branch I've user react-markdown and react-syntax-highlighter, though there's one small glitch - nothing breaking)

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James Wallis Author

Hi, oh yeah sorry. I can't remember getting syntax highlighting working with React Remark, can't even recall trying.

I'd check that the CSS classnames are being added on the client side, that'll narrow down whether it's the CSS that isn't working or the converter. Do you want to send me a link to your site with some content that should be highlighted?