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GitHub Graduation 2022 is here, join the GitHub Education Team on June 11th in an online ceremony to celebrate the Class of 2022.

Are you graduating this year?
GitHub Education invites any student who has graduated, or plans to graduate, in 2022 to apply to the yearbook. This includes bootcamps, code camps, high school graduates, Master's graduates, Ph. D. Graduates, etc.

The eligibility criteria are -

  • You have been verified as a student with the GitHub Student Developer Pack. Not yet a part of the Pack? Apply here
  • You have not participated in a past GitHub Graduation event.
  • You identify as a graduate in the year 2022.

Click here to join the GitHubGraduation-2022

How to join the Class of 2022

Fill out the shipping form.
Fill out the shipping form⚠️ the form needs to be done before creating your Pull Request (PR) and does not guarantee participation in the event.

Add yourself to Yearbook 🏫

  1. Fork the project, click on the forking on the left side of the project. Fork the project
  2. Make sure the GitHub repository is in your username not the original repository after forking. GitHub repository
  3. Select the _data folder, create the folder _data/YOUR-USERNAME/ create the folder
  4. Select Add file -> Create new Add file
  5. Enter your GitHub username(which on the left top) and close the tab with "/", again enter GitHub username to create the file name and using .md as extension as per the below example. username
  6. Copy the temple given in the Readme file in the main page of the repository. Readme
  7. Delete the boilerplate data and fill the information with yours, as given in the below example. boilerplate
  8. Submit your Pull Request, Select Contribute -> Open Pull Request Pull Request
  9. Go through the checklist on the pull request template to guarantee your submission is valid. The GitHub Education team will review your application, approve and merge your submission if everything is correct.

Special Note: Submit a pull request before May 27 to join the event and "walk the stage." Only the first 7,500 graduates to merge their Pull Request to the GitHub Yearbook will receive a shipment.

Happy Coding❤️❤️❤️

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