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Monorepo is when putting code of several micro-projects in one code repository.

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So it's kind of a Monolith?

Well, that's the missing part of the micro-service architecture.

Splitting our code into micro-projects, each with its own tests, deployment, scaling, etc., introduces a new challenge of maintaining and using many microcode repositories.

Monorepo will hold the collection of micro-project while sharing the echo system of testing, deploying, etc.


  • When your team needs to run fast -> faster -> fastest.
  • When there are too many repositories and no one understands what/where they are and if their dependency versions are aligned.
  • When small library change follows with 30 PR's on 30 git repositories (was the story of my life).
  • When there are a small number of teams working together because when there are a greater number of teams working on the same git repository, it can do worse than better.

When -> now()

Things to consider while working with a mono repo:

  • Per micro project build&deploy:
    • use git diff to find out what directory changed
    • build&deploy only this part
  • Code owners:
    • what team is responsible for what part of the code?
  • Generate micro project script:
    • Creating new microservice should be done in seconds(take a look at
    • Each new microservice should be built automatically by the same standard as all other services
  • Contract lib:
    • All services contracts speak in the same language: Rest/Grpc/etc...
    • All services use the same libraries with no duplicate code.

Listen to our CTO, Matan Lachmish, talks about Monorepos on Developing Symptoms podcast (for Hebrew speakers)

Thank you for reading, look for our next Byte

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