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Discussion on: React vs Vue: my personal point of view

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Giuseppe Sanfrancesco Author

Hi Oskar,
thank you for your comment.

Yes, you can write that component in that shorter way but:
1) The component you've written it's a "functional component" which something different from the one I wrote;
2) You're still mixing the JavaScript and the HTML, because basically you're putting HTML in a const;

P.S My name is Giuseppe 😬

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Sorry for misspelling your name :(

Don't you think we should compare functional components instead of class components since they are officially recommended way to build components in React ?

Technically those component's are not a mix of HTML and JS. It's a pure JS with a small library, that enables us to write JS object trees in HTML-like way. But I agree, that ability to mix logic and JSX often results in overuse and messy code build by inexperienced developers.