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Discussion on: Front end frameworks which one to use?

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Giuseppe Sanfrancesco

Hi Alex.
First of all, React is a UI library not a framework! Apart from that, I worked with React for almost 1 year and half and I have been working with Vue for 2 years. In my personal opinion the best one is Vue for two main reasons:

  • It's easier;
  • It can be extended with official software managed by the official team (Vuex and Vue Router)

React, being a library, is very light and more complex to start with: JSX could be not so easy to understand for a beginner. Moreover, React doesn't have an official state management tool and an official router (sure you can use Redux and React Router which aren't officially supported by the React team).

On the other side of the coin there's Angular which is a super-heavy framework. Keep in mind that, to use Angular, you must know TypeScript.

In the middle there is Vue which is perfect for a beginner. Having three separated blocks (<template>, <script> and <style>) allow to write a better scoped code and it's surely the best option for a rookie. Furthermore I like to define it "an extendible micro-framework" because if you only need to write reactive UIs you just have to use Vue, but if you want to craft a more complex application (maybe a SPA) you can easily extend Vue by installing Vuex for the state management and Vue Router for the routing. Both Vuex and Vue Router are officially supported by the core Vue team and I think it's a super cool thing, because it means that the ecosystem is perfectly integrated.

So this is my personal point of view about Vue, React and Angular.

Merry Christmas and happy new year! 🎅🏼

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Alex Gwartney Author

Thanks for the correction on that! I keep getting the term framework and library mixed up these days with the million different tools. But I appreciate the insight on everything. I have to agree with you that so far being able to split everything up with template scrips and style. And then being able to use vuex and routers ect. Makes it soo much easier to structure your project. At least in my own experience.

It will be interesting however at some point to mess around with angular again now that it adopted typescript or react ect.