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Google Cloud Certification Free Voucher and $1000-$1300 Credit using Google Cloud Innovator Plus Subscription

Recently, I was looking for getting certified in Google cloud architect professional exam, and I was preparing for the same. I saw the price to attend the exam was around $200 + Taxes. Almost any exam on Google Cloud is around that price, so I started looking for offers or programs that will give me a chance to attend exam with other benefits.

And then I stumbled upon a program that allowed me to get certified in Google Cloud Architect Professional for FREE! Can I say that… No , this isn’t any clickbait πŸ‘Š !!! You will need to pay for the subscription amount.

πŸš€ Introducing: Google Cloud Innovators Plus Program πŸš€ :

Google has rolled out an amazing new program in 2022 that gives you MAXIMUM benefits!

Get access to their 700+ hand-on labs, skills, badges, credits and courses tailored to each certification program, and even attend one Google Cloud exam per year β€” all on the house!

To access this deal, simply convert your Google profile into a developer profile and signup for the program. I signed up the Google Cloud Innovator Plus Program by subscribing to $299 yearly plan and BOOM!. You will receive an email from Google Cloud Skill Boost about your inclusion in the program and you will get access to ALL courses of Google Cloud Skills Boost, including Qwik Labs, all Google Cloud Services, Live events hosted by Google cloud and 1:1 expert advice from Google. Plus, I received a coupon code to attend any exam from the the Google Cloud Exam list β€” no strings attached! Note that for getting your FREE coupon you will need to go to and access all your benefits. In some cases it might take couple to days to load your benefits. So have patience!!!

πŸ’₯ Tons of Advantages πŸ’₯

  • Unlock full access to Qwik Labs β€” usually a paid option β€” to prepare for your exam like a pro!
  • Get a massive $500 Google Cloud credit! (Pro-tip: If you’re a new user, create a new account for an EXTRA $300 credit β€” that’s a whopping $800 total!)
  • Attend one Google Cloud exam every year with this subscription β€” it’s a renewable deal that keeps on giving! (Pro-tip: You will get additional $500 after you clear your exam)
  • Apply for Google badges and become an β€œAvenger-level” Google Cloud expert!

With point 2 and 3, you get a whooping $1000-$1300 credit + Exam voucher!!!

πŸ™… Who should not consider this: πŸ™…
If you are just looking for the exam and if the extra credits are off no use then you should not buy it.

Another Tip β€” If you just need access to Qwik labs for your exam preparation, you can opt for Monthly subscription and cancel it when your are done. Note that with monthly subscription, you will not get all benefits of Innovator plus program.

So I have given you information on the program, its benefits, who should not buy it and who should. If you are looking to get certified and keep Google cloud console access to keep practising using the credits, its one of the bext option out there!!! Enjoy !!!

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