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What’s Your Current Setup?

sandricop profile image Sandrico Provo ・1 min read

Desk setups are where we spend a ton of our time, and they’re very much our spaces. Sometimes though, you’re on the hunt for that cool new piece to add! Well, to help each other out let’s share our favourite part(s) of our current set up in the comments 💪🏾


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My Ducky One TKL silver switches keyboard. I know most people get the silver switches for gaming but I tried browns and blues and found them a little to hard to press. Silvers were so much better for me.


That’s awesome! I’ve always thought mechanical keyboards were really cool but I’ve never gotten to try one. Do you find the silvers are any quieter/louder then the browns or blues??


The silvers are definitely quieter. The blues were so hard to press for me and loud. The browns were a little better but after I tried a friends with silvers I was sold. They don't take much effort at all to push and are practically silent.


A laptop and a chair...literally.


A solid foot rest! Something with a few different heights to stretch the ol' hams out!
You'd all laugh at my gear, like 5-10 year old Logitech k360 wireless keyboard and hp wireless mouse. But, stuff I can just toss aside!

My computer room is my workshop too. Get my eyes off the screen; stitch up something, paint some minis, solder up some electronics. Then slap the k360 on my knees when I needs!
Especially now when work hours seem to meld into off hours. I need that boost from cranking tunes and working on something analog & personal.
I guess... Stuff to mentally separate myself while at the same seat.

Plus the k360 has reasonable key-throw for a wireless, haha


I'm the absolute worst influence to follow when it comes to ergonomics. I spend the overwhelming majority of my time on the couch or in bed (or, weather permitting, on the porch) on my laptop, with a multimonitor desk setup for my desktop, laptop, or both, just sitting there unused most of the time.

It's probably no coincidence that I have a horrible callous on my right pinky from using it to balance my phone on the bottom (right where the USB C port, and case opening for said port, is) when holding it one-handed and swyping.


Dell XPS 15 + Bose QC 35 II NC headphones


Nice 👍🏾 . How’re you liking the headphones??


I basically use them ALL the time, they are very good :-)

+1 that, probably one of the best investments you can make.


One thing which I love and can't live without... Alfred!

Multi copy+paste / snippets + custom workflows. Well worth the money!


Alfred really is awesome! I’ve tried to go back but I can’t go without it! I’m always looking for new workflow ideas. Where did you come across this multi copy+paste??


Currently, my favourite part of my setup is my mouse! I’m rocking a Logitech MX Master 3 💪🏾. It gives a ton of customizable functionality, I don’t think I could ever not have one !


Nice, I'm using the same mouse in a combo with the MX keys keyboard,


Nice! How do you like the MX Keys Keyboard??

The keys feel very good, maybe the only concern is that it has a Numpad occupies a lot of space, but besides that is very comfortable to type on it.


What's the custom functionalities you're using? and does it affect the way you develop software ? thnks


I have a MacBook, and probably my most used function is you can set it up so gestures let you switch between app easily. I’ve also found it more ergonomic than something like the Magic Mouse.

One thing I do love is that you can set your buttons to keyboard key combinations, so really you could go as wild as you want. I haven’t tried it yet, but since you can set app specific functions, you could for example open a file in live server with a button press, for example.