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How Did I Get 245,466 Views on My Tech Vlog?

1. Watch out trends on Twitter.

I found out that the below news is trending on Twitter. The storyline was, a software Techgiant had built an app for Airport Security Administration & charged them $1.4 million.

2. Quickly make a hands-on video

I built the app using the Ionic framework & recorded the screen while building it. Later, I uploaded it on Youtube [Excuse me for the bad audio]

How to build a $1.4Million dollar app within 4 minutes - TSA Randomizer

Note: You can use either Loom(Free) or Camtasia(Paid).

3. Write titles people want to click.

How to build a $1.4million app within 4 minutes

When you upload your video to YouTube, ensure to write a catchy headline. You can use a service like title-gen.

4. Reach out to tech bloggers (Email them personally).

The above CNET blog, “You’ll never guess how much the TSA’s Randomizer app cost” was written by “Chris Matyszczyk”. I searched for his email ID & dropped him an email stating that I have a piece of share-worthy news available for him. Chris took an interview over email & published it in a while.

Remember, authors usually lookout for content to create news. That's what their job is. Therefore, your job is to make their life easier by giving them the right content.

Ex-IBMer builds TSA's pricey Randomizer app in 4 minutes

5. Reach out to others

Once you get covered on major news media like reach out to smaller tech media agencies. Smaller media agencies will right away consider your content as its already been validated by biggies.
My blog got even featured on Chinese media. Luckily, it was all over the world.

Chinese media

& that's it. I hope this helps you get better reach to your tech vlogs.

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