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Practice Mock Tests for the Elastic Certified Engineer (ECE) exam

So you've gone through the syllabus and prepared all the necessary topics for the ECE exam. You are days away from attempting the exam. How do you get that booster dose of confidence to tackle the exam? How do you avoid those nervous moments on seeing the first question in the exam and feeling your heart sink? There are times when we prepare the syllabus in entirety and yet we are short of confidence in facing the exam due to lack of practice of facing the questions.

That's where Mock tests and practice exercises can help. They help us to validate and solidify our preparation strategy. They sort of give us the much needed fillip to bolster our confidence and face the exam. Imagine preparing a question and seeing a similar one appearing in the exam. Instead of nervousness, we smile and are excited to tackle the exam.

Once my preparation was done, roughly 2-3 days before the exam, I began preparing mock tests that were available for free. I didn't have much time in hand and was just looking to up my confidence. Also, preparing is one thing but seeing the questions and forming your thoughts and answering is altogether a different thing.

For my exam, I gained a lot of confidence by practising the mock tests and exercises available for free at guido-lenacota and acloudguru, however you can also choose to purchase the elastic subscriptions. The standard and professional versions come with a practice exam attempt which is very beneficial. And even Udemy has come up with a practice test at which is pretty affordable.

Hope this post helps you in your certification journey.

Disclaimer: This is not to suggest that mock tests and practice exercises are mandatory. Even without them, you can ace the exam and pass it with flying colours. It's just that for some of us, we feel better prepared on attempting mock tests.

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