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Python has made it easier than ever for businesses to achieve their objectives.

  • One cannot deny the fact that Python is one of the most widely used programming languages across the globe. Python has made it easier than ever for businesses to achieve their objectives. The popularity of this programming language is increasing with every passing day. Hence, the demand for python programmers. Given this situation, learning Python does make sense. On that note, we have come up with a list of the top websites to learn Python for free. Have a look!

For those who are unaware – Google is a storehouse of numerous Python tutorials, especially for beginners. Even the ones who have a little bit of programming knowledge can make the best of the tutorials available here. You also get access to lecture videos and exercises too.

As known to many, Udemy is one of the most popular online course platforms out there. This is an excellent platform to start with. All that you have to do here is create a free account, and then you can enroll in free Python courses. The best part is – that you do not need any subscription here.

What can get better than having access to a platform that first teaches you the theory and then ask you to write code online using that concept? This is exactly what CodeCademy has in store for you. CodeCademy promises the users a great and fun way of learning.
As the name suggests, is a straight-to-the-point tutorial platform for python programmers. This website will teach you the important aspects of the language that you need, for data science in a minimalist but effective way.

Educative is a text-based interactive learning platform that allows you to learn and code from your browser. You do not have to worry about downloading the necessary software and setting up your development environment. Fun quizzes and coding challenges will keep you all hooked, without a doubt!
The home for learning python programming language on the web is right here. This website. is maintained by the Python Software Foundation and includes everything that is required to get a better and deeper understanding of the python programming language.

Coursera is yet another excellent platform for learning python. Here, you’ll get access to the best online courses taught at reputed universities like Stanford, INSEAD, NUS (National University of Singapore), and many more. There are numerous courses that’ll take you through the basics and help you become a successful Python programmer.

Microsoft [edX]
This is a very popular online portal for free education. Here, you’ll find various courses on python, including the one that is designed exclusively for beginners. If you want a certificate for the course you attended, you’ll have to pay for it.

FreeCodeCamp [YouTube]
This is one of those websites that aspiring python programmers shouldn’t miss out on. This website has a huge number of free python courses and the courses are designed in a manner that you will get a complete understanding of the language in no time.

Learn Python in 1 hour (Javarevisited Youtube channel)
Well, how about learning python in as less as 1 hour? Yes, you read that right! This Python crash course is available on YouTube. Watch it and learn Python in 1-hour. Though this is a very compact course but is good enough to take you through the concepts.

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