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Binance P2P Bot

sanchezmarcosme profile image Sanchez Marcos Updated on ・2 min read

Making of a bot that calculates median price of any crypto-asset in fiat currency on Binance's p2p exchange, without leaving your console.

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◼️ Challenge

Calculate the median price of any cryptocurrency in the Binance p2p market, and make it open source off course.

⚫️ Primary Objetives

  • Provide the minimum, median and maximum prices
  • It cannot be intrusive or distracting
  • Quick and easy to use and to discard

⚫️ Context variables

  • 62 fiat currencies available
  • 6 crypto currencies tickers
  • Wide price range
  • Price variation between purchase and sale
  • More than 30 pages of results by combination
  • No API's available

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Binance P2P Market

◼️ Solution

A very simple command line interface, focused on a simple and intuitive UX, providing a quick response on assets price.

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# Using npx
npx binance-p2p-bot

# Using npm
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# Using npm
npm install -g binance-p2p-bot

# Using yarn
yarn global add binance-p2p-bot
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⚫️ Dependencies

  • puppeteer - Headless Chrome Node.js API
  • chalk - Terminal string styling done right
  • inquirer - Common interactive command line user interfaces

⚫️ Repository

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Any feedback on the article and code is welcome.
🖤 Thank you very much for your time and attention!

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3dubbeltjes2 profile image

Can you also make it so the bot can automatically execute orders buy/sell without leaving your console?

sanchezmarcosme profile image
Sanchez Marcos Author

Of course it can be done with little effort by following the respective security precautions in asset management, but I think Binance offers a good UX for that use case that does not require a lot of data analysis.

Binance offers a very complete API to manage and even automate your digital finances.

If you would like to read about the subject follow this link:

Friendly reminder:
Remember never to share your username, password, or crypto keys with anyone, much less with any application without first studying and understanding what its code does, ever.

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