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Today I learned: HTML and CSS

Over the past three days, I embarked on an educational journey to learn HTML and CSS which are the foundational languages for web development. Here's a summary of what I've learned:

Day 1: Introduction to HTML
I learned the fundamentals of HTML in creating a static website.

Day 2: CSS
This day I was able to learn the fundamentals of CSS and how it can add style to my webpages and make a more dynamic experience.

Day 3: Box Model, Layout, FlexBox, and Grid
The final day of this module, I spent learning more advanced aspects of web-programming such as Box-Models and Flexbox. These tools and skills help me create webpages that are stylistically sophisticated, increasingly user-friendly, and appealing in terms of design.

In just three days, I've gained a solid understanding of HTML and CSS. Covering everything from basic structure and content creation to advanced styling and layout techniques. This knowledge sets the foundation for creating beautiful and functional web pages, and I look forward to diving even deeper into web development!


Codecademy Docs: HTML and CSS
Mozilla Documentation: Full list of HTML tags
Codecademy Workspaces: HTML and CSS

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