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Is it wildly irresponsible to quit and take a few months off?

Hi there. I'm a developer of about 5 years experience, a bit over 2 and a half at my current one. I fear though I am very close to burning out right now if I haven't already. I feel anxious waking up for work, dread the weekend ending before Friday's workday has even finished, and generally can't do any work due to lack of concentration. It's infuriating and extremely anxiety inducing.

I am unsatisfied in my position and I am sick of the midwest and south and just more rural conservative areas in general. I feel if I want to get out of this rut I'm in I need to move positions and locations. This said, I don't know where I want to move or the kind of position I want to move to. It feels a bit silly to job hunt until then.

Even if I figured it out and started job hunting, I need a long break between jobs to recharge I'm pretty sure. Searching with a gap worries me as well as searching with an address not local to wherever I would be applying to. One of the bigger worries I have right now is I'm transgender(male to female) and have started transitioning. I worry that job searching mid-transition is going to be very difficult. I also am very worried about health insurance during the interim, I know COBRA is a thing but we have a pretty good insurance policy so I worry it will be very expensive.

I have some money saved up and have been thinking of converting my car into a mini-camper of sorts and doing some road tripping and camping. I figure that kind of change of pace will be really in helping me to recharge.

I feel like quitting without a backup plan is very irresponsible and will limit my ability to find work later but not doing so will be problematic too. Does anyone have any kind of advice or experience they can share with me? I feel like I know the answer to what I need but am just too scared to do it.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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I think ultimately it's your own decision, and it looks like you have already kind of made your mind up about what you want to do. There will always be fears of what might happen in the future. It sounds like you are in a real hard situation though at the moment. Yes, the downside might be that you have to retrain after you come back. I have upped sticks many times in my life and had many different careers.

I have been through some pretty rough jobs and I am glad to say I have always had the sense to get out before it became unbearable. Your main responsibility is to yourself and your health and happiness.

If you are worried about leaving people in trouble, make a smooth move. It would be irresponsible if you just left in the middle of a project without telling anyone and tidying up your work or leaving it in a good state for the person replacing you.

I traveled around Asia for 4 years, trying to work out what I wanted in life, it was a little tough getting back into the swing of life in Europe, but I have done it and feel much better for it.

Just my 2cents. Good Luck and take some rest.

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