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Discussion on: Code Reviews Are Awesome, Here Are 7 Reasons Why

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Samuel P.

And, answer your question in my current project we are pairing and doing a code review. As we have a distributed/remote team with different timezones this way have been extremely helpful for us. As the code is a legacy usually we can have someone that already touched in that code looking on this and bringing up some new context about some decisions made.
In a mature team my feeling is that the code review is almost optional since we are doing the cards pairing and with pairing rotations.

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Elena Author

Regarding the mature team, I personally think it is still worth reviewing (or pairing). It will still help to find bugs and problems and will spread the knowledge about new features.
If you feel pairing helps you to achieve all that, perfect!:)

Do you pair 100% of time? Can you tell me a bit about the process when you pair?

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