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NG-SQ-UI simple quality UI kit for Angular

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Another UI-kit? How is it different?

You've guessed right, folks - ng-sq-ui IS yet another UI-kit. The intention behind it is to help Angular developers with their day-to-day work by trying to offer a solution to the most widespread use-cases they have to handle. Without being too opinionated on looks and without containing dozen of just "fancy" features. This, with almost no additional dependencies. How cool is that?

How do you determine the "most widespread" cases?

When we thought about what an initial version of the UI-kit should have, we decided to simply ask other developers. We handed out a Google form to different groups (Facebook groups and colleagues, included) and asked them what they mostly look for when dealing with UI development. The most voted answer was "form elements", and right after that - "modal dialogs". And these two types of components are included in our first version of the kit.

We intend to keep the original idea of the UI-kit. We would like to ask the developers what they need most for our next release! Don't hesitate to create a feature request!

Check out our github repo and documentation.

If you like the project support us by starring the repo.

Feature requests and bug reports are welcomed.

SQ-UI / ng-sq-ui

Flexible and easily customizable UI-kit for Angular 6+


Simple Quality UI kit for Angular

build by developers for developers!

angular travis contributions welcome Maintainability All Contributors Mentioned in Awesome Angular


You will find a description of the public API for each component The components are grouped by modules. Any properties you can see through code inspection that are left out from this documentation are for internal use and you should not rely on them.

Any types of public interfaces and services are also included.


You can clone / download this repo or install it as a node dependency.

npm i @sq-ui/ng-sq-ui@latest --save

-- or --

yarn add @sq-ui/ng-sq-ui@latest


Import the NgSqUiModule in your module:

import { NgSqUiModule } from '@sq-ui/ng-sq-ui'

and then include it in the imports array of your @NgModule() decorator:

  declarations: [ //... ]
  imports: [

ng-sq-ui does not come with a specific font. Including…

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