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Samuel Pasaribu
Samuel Pasaribu

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How to Make Money from Blog

One way to make money during the current pandemic is to create a good blog and register it with google adsense to register as a freelancer or become a google adsense publisher.

For me, this is the right way because many of us have lost our jobs due to the effects of the covid-19 disease which has made some employees at home because of the PPKM period.

Maybe some of you have asked something like this: How do I create a blog and make money? Do we have to master programming languages? I will answer briefly, concisely and clearly. For that here we need to think in advance like what will you do when you are hungry? Surely you are looking for food to eat right? Well, here the meaning of my answer is all that we can do easily. We can create a blog for free and to learn programming now is not difficult. You can learn self-taught with the help of Google, if you find it difficult you can visit my blog and I am ready to help you if it is needed.

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