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AWS EKS Upgrade Insights

I had posted a block previously on How to upgrade EKS version via terraform. This time I am back with some recent updates on how effectively we could able to upgrade the cluster seamlessly with recommendations from feature known as AWS EKS Cluster Insights.

What is EKS Upgrade Insights ?

Basically whenever we plan for EKS upgrade, we should basically get into details to understand what workloads are hosted within the cluster and how it is been impacted such as API deprecation and check the compatibility of external services hosted with the cluster for the new targeted version.

EKS Upgrade insights will basically scan the cluster and let us know what API are getting deprecated when we upgrade to the new version with recommendations and remediation advice thus by reducing the administration effort and seamless upgrade.

You can see this tab in the console as per the screenshot below

Here I am running a EKS cluster of outdate version v1.23 and the below are the recommendations from the cluster what is going to get deprecated in the next higher versions

Image description

Note: These insights shows recommendations only and the administrator have to take necessary steps to upgrade the deprecated APIs before upgrade.

The refresh of the cluster happens every once in a day, suppose if you update the deprecated API the cluster will still show that there are still deprecated APIs in the cluster. So we have to wait for a day to see the status change in the insights page.

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Darryl Ruggles

This seems like a really nice addition from AWS.